Hi, I’m Manning Leonard Krull. I’m a technology director working in advertising in NYC. My career path over the last 18 years has been: illustrator » web designer » web developer » director of technology. I’ve picked up a ton of interesting things along the way regarding interactive design, web development, and what I like to call digital philosophy. I’ve been writing and presenting on these things for many years now, and I’d like to share as much of that here as possible. I’ve spent most of my career working in ad agencies, mostly doing interactive work in the pharma sector, and I was also a freelance web guy in Paris for five years.

Other places to find me include ManningKrull.com and Cool Stuff in Paris.

If you’re a colleague of mine at Neon/FCB Health, please contact me through our work email for the link to my Neon-specific articles. I guess I should mention, the views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

Thanks for stopping by!