Back slash versus forward slash

I hear people using these wrong all the time. Here’s a mnemonic device to help keep them straight: think of “forward slash” and “back slash” in terms of them leaning in the direction you’re typing. You type to the right, so when you enter a “/” it’s leaning forward, toward the end of the line, and when you enter a “\” it’s leaning backward, back toward the beginning of the line. Easy!

So, urls use forward slashes (e.g. Directory paths in Windows use back slashes (e.g. C:\Users\manning.krull\Desktop\).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: words matter! Even something as simple as calling a slash the wrong thing can make us look foolish in front of a client who happens to be a little bit technology-savvy. Learn my trick and get it right! Do it for him:


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