A strange warning from Google AdSense about ads “above the fold”

I received an automated message from Google AdSense telling me that one of my web pages was in violation of their terms and that I needed to address the issue. I’ve been using AdSense on a half dozen sites since 2009 and have never received a message like this before, and the site in question was one that I haven’t really changed in a few years. The message included a link to a particular post…Continue Reading →

Instagram black dots problem — solved

I recently got a new iPhone (the 6s; my 6 died) and noticed that photos I was posting to Instagram were full of black dots or black pixels. I Googled and a few people reported this problem but no one had any working solutions. Well, I found a simple solution: I updated my Instagram app on my phone, and the black dots problem immediately went away. I wanted to post about it here for other…Continue Reading →