Thoughts on Twitter from a technology person and attention junkie

I’ve dabbled in every social media platform, as one does, and the only one I’ve ever really enjoyed is Twitter. The main reason I try out all of these platforms is because I need to have a good working understanding of them so I can consult my colleagues and clients on them, and it’s fun to take them all out for a spin. But I get very bored of most of them after a very…Continue Reading →

Don’t be the person who doesn’t say hi in the hallway

This is legit important advice for your career: When you’re walking around the office, make eye contact and say hi to every single person you pass, every single time. Not saying hi is rude; it doesn’t matter if you’re shy or if you don’t know the person or if they’re not looking at you. Maybe they’re shy; well, you’re going to say hi to them anyway, and they can do whatever they want about it….Continue Reading →

Whatever you do, get that resume onto one page

A lot of resumes come across my desk, and I’m always eager to take a quick look. Note the key word there: quick. If your resume is four or five pages, you’ve already made a bad impression. Employers want the short version, the high points; they want to see how brilliant you are in one page. The one-page-resume thing is such a cliche, but it’s astounding how many people don’t adhere to this standard! Believe…Continue Reading →

A responsive site or a separate mobile site?

One of the most common things people have been asking me about lately is responsive design for websites. For a few recent projects at my agency we’ve discussed the pros and cons of creating a responsive website versus creating a separate mobile site for smartphones and small tablets. In the vast majority of cases I advocate for responsive design, and I’ll explain why below. Let’s start with definitions A mobile site is just that —…Continue Reading →

Why we should take a mobile-first approach to web design

Here’s plenty of reason right here: When we design a desktop site and then try to convert that design to mobile, we’re faced with many small problems: Where can we put this part? How can we make this bit legible? How can we make this interactive feature a good experience for users on small screens? Some of these will drive you crazy, and the end result can look forced and cramped. On the other hand,…Continue Reading →