Semantics: Veeva and iRep

If you’ve been in meetings with me, you might wonder, why does Manning always say “Veeva iRep” instead of just “Veeva?” There’s a reason. Veeva is a software company, and iRep is their iPad presentation platform, i.e. just one of their products. (Other Veeva products that we work with include Vault, Approved Email, etc.) A lot of folks — our clients and our colleagues — refer to the iRep platform as Veeva. This is inaccurate. However, I know that if I just talk about “iRep” a lot of people won’t know what I’m talking about at all. So I make sure to always refer to the iRep platform by the full name, “Veeva iRep.” I encourage you to do the same, just to get us all on the same page and talking about these things correctly.

Words matter. Using the right terminology helps us demonstrate to our clients that we are subject matter experts. When we use the wrong terminology for things like this it can make us look bad and it can be confusing for our clients.

(I actually used to work with a guy who always referred to Photoshop as “Adobe” and I wanted to punch him in the head every time he did it.)

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