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My secret for Twitter click-throughs

I made up a Twitter technique a while back that’s worked wonders for getting people to click on the links in my tweets and get them into my website(s). It’s so insanely simple it’s almost stupid. Here it is: Whenever I want to tweet anything important, I tweet two things in a row. Seriously. That’s it. I made up this technique while tweeting to promote my Paris website. If I had a new article to…Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Twitter from a technology person and attention junkie

I’ve dabbled in every social media platform, as one does, and the only one I’ve ever really enjoyed is Twitter. The main reason I try out all of these platforms is because I need to have a good working understanding of them so I can consult my colleagues and clients on them, and it’s fun to take them all out for a spin. But I get very bored of most of them after a very…Continue Reading →