My secret for Twitter click-throughs

I made up a Twitter technique a while back that’s worked wonders for getting people to click on the links in my tweets and get them into my website(s).

It’s so insanely simple it’s almost stupid. Here it is: Whenever I want to tweet anything important, I tweet two things in a row. Seriously. That’s it.

I made up this technique while tweeting to promote my Paris website. If I had a new article to promote, I’d write that tweet with a link to my article, and I’d also write a second unrelated tweet with just a thought about Paris, with no link. I’d write these ahead of time in Notepad or whatever, and then paste each into Twitter and tweet one after the other, as quickly as possible.

This gets your two tweets into people’s timelines in a way that makes them really stand out because they’re seeing your icon twice in a row. It really draws the eye, especially if you have a colorful or otherwise visually interesting portrait.

Tweet just one thing and it gets completely lost in the user’s timeline; it’s competing with thousands of other new and interesting tweets; it’s easy to skim right over it. Tweet two things and they jump right out at people. Boom. That’s it. My click-through rates have been about double when using this technique. So this one dumb trick has essentially doubled how effective my Twitter account is at promoting my website.

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